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Late Marriage Problem Solution Astrologer In Vashi

Love Relationship Solution by Astrology

Late Marriage Problem Solution by Astrology

Marriage is one of the sixteen Samskars (sacraments of life) mentioned in Hindu religion. One of the most common problems facing the Indian society these days is delay in marriage. There can be numerous reasons for delay in marriage. The well-known reason for delayed marriage is not being able to find the "right match". The astrology tries to explain these reasons with the help of planetary positions in your horoscopes so as to find solutions to this problem.

This webpage describes the delay marriage solution based on the birth chart of the native. Again, the lower section suggests effective remedies for delayed marriage of a boy or girl, depending upon his/her natal chart. The seventh house in your horoscope tells about your marriage-related issues. If your seventh house is damaged, it will delay your marriage.

Some of the most common reasons for delay in marriages presented in astrology are as follow:

  • Relationship of Saturn with the seventh house
  • Weak position of Venus which signifies your spouse
  • Presence of malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn in seventh house
  • The planet that owns the seventh house is weak
  • Weak position of Jupiter
  • Seventh house is unoccupied by any planet
  • Combined influence of Saturn and Mars on the seventh house